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Bücherbrücken App

Our motto: Inspire children to read!
Based on the successful reading promotion projects “Büchertürme” (Book Towers) and “Bücherbrücken” (Book Bridges) by Hamburg-based children’s author Ursel Scheffler, the dedicated team at Minerva IT-Solutions in Munich has developed a meaningful multilingual app:


Our app allows you to read German children’s book texts in words, pictures and sound on your cell phone and to add another native language at the same time. Due to the current political situation, the choice fell on Ukrainian, Russian, Polish and English. These are languages that most of the children in the integration classes understand. Other languages are to follow.
For children who are growing up more and more in the digital world, it is also a way back to books. Children from other countries who have no books of their own due to their flight can be read to in their native language via the app. They will then understand the German texts more easily and can memorize the sound of the language through the German audios. Children are multiple listeners: This is ideal in this case!

Client: Büchertürme
Category: Multilanguage offline app (iOS/Android)
Technologies: MITS Poly-App | MITS Poly-Builder